Workshops and coaching


Thomas, photographed by (c) Vera Drewke

What you can do on and with an arranger workstation, I can show and explain to you. AI Fingered , SA sounds, style selection and arrangement, band sound, vocal accompaniment, singing correctly in real time in two voices, bass/bass drum groove with the right mix. Let yourself be inspired, suggestions are given once a week ½ hour in my livestream: 1 topic, how do I do it, and the final song - like on stage.

Keyboardist. Lyricist. Musicologist. Of course I can play with synths, stagePiano and B3 derivative. Everything sounds great. But I find everything I need in the Genos. Studio sound and possibilities in real time. Pieces are easy to arrange. The style creator offers all creative possibilities when arranging. The grooves twitch. And the sounds can be played so intuitively that no wishes remain unfulfilled. The "Band 2.0" can start playing.

Single outputs and a couple of Hammer B3 samples by Kurt Ader really let it rip, enriched by a Reußenzehn tube preamp and a NEO Ventilator II.

And the AI Fingered chord recognition method provides me with the harmonic foundation for the live arrangements.

Playing like a band sounds. You can hear it from me. You can learn it from me. Of course, you can also learn to play the piano with me.

You can findmy biography here (Text in German)

Excerpt from my workshops and more:

Band 2.0 _ Studio sound in real time (Text in German)

AI Fingered _ harmony makes the music

The Organ - B3 _ Stick from the Geno and Tricks from the Rack

Styles _ play and dress up for the band

Sounds / Voices / SA1 / SA2 _ playing and sounding

Revo Drums _ why they sound like this and why you don't hear it anymore with standard midi files

My equipment

can be found here (Text in German)

photographed (c) by Vera Drewke